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Intern Stories: Jermaca Brown

Jermaca Brown

Jermaca Brown came up from her home state of Texas to intern with Summer OFF in 2015. Now, she's living in Providence and on staff with West End Community Church as the Community Outreach Coordinator and Youth Director. We got to interview her recently—read more about her story here. ...

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Reporting Back to Dallas!

Sharing at Home Group Portrait 1 small

Miranda Laughlin writes about their recent trip back to Dallas, Texas, where they reported back to friends and family about their work with the Philip Center (Miranda) and Paradigm Biblical Counseling (Derek). ...

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Gospel for Me, Gospel for You: Repentance Stories

As you share the Gospel, share your own ongoing stories of repentance....

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Summer OFF 2014: Two Weeks In


Our Summer OFF intern shares a mid-summer update from what is happening in the three parks and beyond. ...

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5 Reasons Churches Struggle with Evangelism

1. Evangelism Deflates 2. Sin and Disunity Weakens Evangelism 3. Churches Often Lack Evangelism Leadership 4. Evangelism in Hard 5. Weak Theology Can't Support Robust Evangelism There's a lot of talk these days about how fun and easy evangelism is. It makes me wonder if we "doth protest too much." If it really were fun and easy, I'm not sure we'd be saying so. ("Hey k...

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Why We Are Switching to "Who Will Be King" for Summer OFF 2014

For Summer OFF 2014, we are switching to Who Will Be King. Here's why....

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ReBlog: If All Religions Are True, Then God is Cruel

I read this post with particular interest for two reasons: I like Most, the movie. We recommend it on our Top Ten page. More importantly, I'm interested in the discussion about inclusivism and exlusivism. It's a long-running debate about whether a person needs to know Christ explicitly and profess belief in Him for salvation. The alternative is that salvation can be found ...

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ReBlog: Saving Eutychus, book review

I've read Saving Eutychus twice, and refer to it often. I was born a boring speaker and I need it! But it's an important book for all who care about the preaching of the gospel. We highly recommend it. "Gospel preaching demands that the preacher understand that the message of the Bible is the message of the gospel, from Genesis to Revelation. Therefore, the preacher's abi...

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ReBlog: The Bible in American Life

"Less than half of those who read the Bible in the past year sought help in understandingit. Among those who did, clergy were their top source; the Internet was the least citedsource." I was surprised by that. Are you? I would have expected that people would go to the internet more than to a clergy member. Maybe that indicates that pastors have more opportunities than we ...

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Following East of Scotland Conference

We're excited to follow a conference in Edinburgh, put on by East of Scotland Gospel Partnership alongside 20Schemes. The speakers include Mez McConnel, who was just here for our conference, Matt Chandler of Village Church, Steve Timmis and others. Check out the conference here....

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