We launch Gospel-centered churches and outreach initiatives

What's Ahead in 2018

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What’s ahead for the Philip Center? In 2018 we look forward to a number of developments.

First, Miranda Laughlin will be fully leading Summer OFF for the first time. When she and her family moved to RI, it was at the beginning of Summer OFF. This year, she has the time to prepare, write curricula, meet with city officials and help prepare teams traveling from other states.

Second, under Miranda’s direction, we are expanding our summer internship program. We are currently recruiting summer interns, with the hope that we will have at least five serving with us from June 25 to August 4. We’ve secured housing for them at the Rhode Island School of Design, and have a great summer planned for their growth and service.

Third, we are looking for a full-time Media Director. So much of what we do depends on digital and print communication, that we can long longer do without this critical role. Andrew Zulker will be transitioning away from this job. If you, or someone you know, is interested in this job, please contact us.

Fourth, we are taking steps to develop our Parks to Plants initiative. P2P seeks to plant churches in the neighborhoods where Summer OFF serves children and families. As we develop P2P, we are seeking a Director of Church planting — an important part-time position.

Finally, before the year is out, we hope to develop Summer OFF Export. This project will bring Summer OFF to cites in other states and countries. Over the past few years, there has been considerable interest by church leaders in hosting Summer OFF in their city. Through SO Export, we hope to provide the training and resources they would need to do that.

Through all of these growth initiatives, our greatest desire is to increase the proclamation of the gospel through local churches — for the glory of Jesus Christ.