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ReBlog: If All Religions Are True, Then God is Cruel

I read this post with particular interest for two reasons: I like Most, the movie. We recommend it on our Top Ten page. More importantly, I'm interested in the discussion about inclusivism and exlusivism. It's a long-running debate about whether a person needs to know Christ explicitly and profess belief in Him for salvation. The alternative is that salvation can be found beyond an explicit knowledge of Christ. It is the topic I wrote on for a masters thesis.  So this article is particularly interesting to me. And, I heartily agree with the conclusion of the author.

The short film Most made its way onto the big screen more than 10 years ago. A brilliantly moving piece of cinema, the film tells the story of a single father who lives with his son in the Czech Republic. The pair share simple yet content lives together. The father works as a bridge engineer—he is responsible for raising and lowering a massive draw-bridge that allows ships and trains to pass at scheduled times. One day, the boy happened to be at the bridge with his father. As he's playing outside, he notices a train rapidly approaching the station.

It was an hour early. The bridge was up. And the train was heading right toward it.

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