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Gospel Resources: Who Will Be King?

Summer OFF Girl at Lemonade Cooler

"Summer OFF has been working with kids in inner-city Providence for almost a decade. What are some gospel resources you have found helpful?"

One tool we use every summer at Summer OFF is a children’s booklet published by Matthias Media called Who Will Be King. We like this booklet because it clearly presents the Gospel message, with Scripture verses and pictures, in a simple way for children (and adults!) to understand.

The booklet briefly summarizes the big story of the Bible. The first picture shows the world with a crown over it, with God’s name written in the crown. God is our loving king, it explains, because he made everything. The next scene describes how we made a mess of everything, because we want to be our own king. We say "no" to God.

Then the booklet tells how God sent Jesus into the world to take the punishment that we deserve, so that our sins could be forgiven. In the end, it brings it home to the reader. There are ultimately two ways to live: one in which I am my own king and shut out of God’s kingdom forever, and one where I accept Jesus as my king, and am welcomed into life forever with him.

Often we will read it with a child, and then have her take a turn telling it back to us. It is not long before kids can tell the story themselves, and draw the pictures to go along with it. In a very simple and fun way, they learn the Gospel message for themselves, and also learn how to share it with friends and family members. 

We have given Who Will Be King to hundreds of children over the years at the parks in Providence. The end goal, though, isn’t just to read the booklet and give it away. Our hope is that the initial seed that is planted grows and matures.

Many seeds have been planted along the way and some have prayed to receive Christ as their Savior. It is always our goal to have them connect with a local church to help them grow in their faith. What a privilege this has been! 

If you are interested in learning more about Who Will Be King, you can read the booklet online and more from Matthias Media here