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Conference: Church in Hard Places

On April 14th, we had the privilege of having Matthew Spandler-Davison and Andrew Mathieson with us for a conference on building healthy churches in poor communities.


Sessions (click for audio)
Session 1: Why the Poor Need Healthy Churches (Matthew Spandler-Davison)
Session 2: Engaging the Poor: Church and Mercy Ministry (Andrew Mathieson)
Session 3: Ministering to Those Struggling with Mental Health (Andrew Mathieson)
Session 4: Working Together to Plant Healthy Churches (Matthew Spandler-Davison)
Q&A Session with Matthew and Andrew

Matthew Spandler-Davison:  Executice Director of 20schemes
Andrew Mathieson: Pastor of Lochee Baptist Chapel, Dundee, Scotland 


The Church is a display of God’s glory in the midst of a hurting community. Who will go and build healthy churches among the world’s poorest communities? We define hard places as “economically and socially disadvantaged communities”. Churches in hard places often share common struggles. Our goal is to equip church leaders, train indigenous believers, and develop resources to build healthy churches in hard places.

Church in Hard Places is an initiative of Acts 29. Acts 29 seeks to encourage and equip the church to plant healthy churches in our poorest communities.

For this workshop, we are bringing in our friends from 20schemes in Scotland. 20schemes is a ministry seeking to plant churches among Scotland's poorest. What might be surprising to some is how similar their context is with our American inner cities. The schemes are essentially the Scottish version of our projects or section 8 neighborhoods. They, too, deal with high levels of unemployment, poverty, and drug addiction.