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Summer OFF Export


You want to reach your city with the gospel. We want to help.

We’ve led Summer OFF in our city for 9 years. We want to help you launch Summer OFF in your city. 

Step 1. Watch the Summer OFF Video

Step 2. Show the video to your team and pray with them about Summer OFF 

Step 3. Contact us

Why do Summer OFF?

  • City. Our cities are strategic, rich with growth and full of opportunity
  • Children. They are often forgotten in the crush of injustice and brokenness
  • The Poor. God brings blessing to those who care for the poor
  • Jump-start. Reinvigorate your church's evangelistic outreach
  • Church Planting. Outreach in the parks is designed to lead to new churches
  • Leadership Training. Your Summer OFF volunteers will get trained for a lifetime of outreach

Summer OFF is an inner-city summer outreach. It's designed to work in partnership with free lunch programs in many of the cities of the world. Think VBS, missions trip and an internship  program all wrapped into one.

Let’s talk about Summer OFF in your city!